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Saturday, December 04, 2004

robot roll-call

I'm under house arrest this weekend, trying to get caught up for skool. I don't actually have a little bracelet on my ankle, but Dennis took the car to work, so I'm limited to distractions I can walk to.

So, my life looks like this...laptop, silly pajamas, MST3K on the TV (familiar eps I don't have to actually watch, but the sound of Tom Servo's voice is comforting), and a pile of papers and books.

Bonus points to the alert reader who found this little tribute to the birth of the Christ child:

Is the baby Jesus made from mini marshmallows and those little Andes tingaling mints? And his name shall mean, Snacks Are With Us.

Crap, now I want a S'more. And I don't even really like S'mores.
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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

sara, sara, you are blathering about many thngs

I went to the doctor yesterday, and got all kinds of good stuff, like pro-grade cough syrup (which made me kind of loopy last night), and an inhaler, and some antibiotics. I'm not contageous anymore, so I'm going to attempt half a day of work. We'll see how this goes. My voice is pretty much back today, which is a big relief. Although much less entertaining for the Dennis.

I thought I was being all clever when I went to the ghetto Walgreen's to get my presciptions filled, since they are right across the street from one of my favorite yarn stores. But there is no yarn on Mondays, because they are closed. I was seriously disappointed. There I was, dressed and everything, and no yarn for me.

I still had some energy after the pharmacy experience, so I went up to Stonemountain, the fabric store which also carries a bit of yarn. Not what I had in mind, but they did have some gorgeous colors of Cascade 220. Mmmmmmm. While I was standing there trying to decide if I needed yarn, someone slipped up to me and handed me a postcard she had gotten and wasn't going to use - it was a coupon for 20% off one's entire purchase. Well. I'm not made of stone. So I got a really fun combination of pinks and oranges to make the Mary Mary Whatcha Knittin'? cardigan from the Yarn Girls book for the fairy godchild. And then I went home and collapsed.

It was fun to have someone slip me a coupon, since I'm always doing that to people and most of the time I get really weird looks for it. Sometimes one goes to Michael's or Borders with a good coupon, but one does not find the item one came to buy, so why not make someone else happy? Or at least freaked out and suspicious?

Monday is Dennis' day off, and he was a good sport about having Mme. Sick and Needy around. He went and did our laundry, which was very nice. One could tell that he is not the designated laundry guy, though, because he put clothes he likes on the top of the basket. This is madness, because the instant the laundry basket enters the house, there will be a cat in it. Fresh, still slightly warm laundry will have a Clyde. This is why pajamas and lounging clothes go on the top of the basket.

I was so stir-crazy yesterday that I was jealous that he got to go to the laundromat. I actually kind of enjoy it. Of course, I would rather have our own washer and dryer, but, barring that, two hours of laundry processing is pretty satisfying. And Moe's Books is within walking distance, so I can browse for half an hour while everything is in the washing machines. I enjoy the enforced downtime while I'm monitoring the dryers, too. It's kind of like airport time - you have absolutely no control over how long anything is going to take, and no real ability to leave or be productive, so you can just relax into it, read something trashy or knit, and just be.
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Sunday, November 28, 2004

life in flannel

Happy First Sunday of Advent!

My lungs are still dysfunctional. Dennis has been taking care of me today, and I'm determined to get better through sheer force of will. Which will probably work as well as such things always do.

I didn't go out at all today because I'm probably a virus fountain, which means that I've probably spent a total of eight hours in real clothes since Thursday, if that.

I'm trying not to freak out about skool/Christmas/various projects, but me sitting around without enough energy to do anything, but enough energy to worry about the stuff I'm not doing is...well, it's a recipe for disaster. (not to be confused with the Death by Broccoli recipe, which is now posted at Braisin Hussy)

It's really good to have your brain engaged while reading the old testament, or else you get bogged down in the names and then none of the words make any sense. I tried to write something, but...yeah. I also tried to knit and just counting to five got to be too complicated. So I'm not really accepting my illness with any obvious grace.

What I have managed to do is play Poppit over at pogo.com. Like a crack monkey.
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